Examples Of A Child Custody Character Reference Letter - Reference & Recommendation Letters

Examples Of A Child Custody Character Reference Letter

When thinking of who should write your reference keep in mind that they could possibly affect your future. You should choose someone that knows you well and has a knowledge of both your good and bad qualities. This way they will be able to focus on your attributes while giving your faults a backseat.

All good sample reference letters explain these. It could be you feel the person is a real go-getter who is willing to learn anything he or she doesn't know. Or, maybe the person is highly qualified and has a drive to succeed that's second to none. Just make sure your reference letter explains the whys.

Although recommendation letters are written to a wide variety of people for a variety of reasons, most follow a standard format. When writing your referral letter, keep the following points in mind:

* By adhering to the following tips, you will increase the chances of getting good letters of recommendation and ultimately securing the position you seek.

* Here are a few practical letter writing tips and strategies to help you when writing that next letter.
* Here are some quick tips to help you write a reference or recommendation letter for a friend, co-worker or employee.

Another Sample Reference Letter

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Name for eight years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known him in many capacities. Namee has been my Mother's Helper since the birth of my first child five years ago. His responsibilities in that capacity have grown with the activity level of a now pre-schooler, and the addition of another child, now a toddler.

Name was a student in my class this last semester. His frequent and enthusiastic participation in class discussion as well as his probing inquiries outside of class demonstrated the seriousness and dedication with which he approaches his schooling. On a personal note, Name possesses a quick wit and a warm personality.

Name possesses solid writing skills which have enabled him to compose quality correspondence. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. His ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods like tax season proves his ability to work well under pressure.

Name’s resume clearly demonstrates her academic qualifications, which are outstanding. Beyond that, in my course she demonstrated a healthy approach to the subject matter. In a large class, her comments and questions always pointedly and helpfully relevant. She did not occupy class time unduly with her interests, but per word uttered in class, I can think of no student who contributed more to the success of the course.

Name has informed me that he has an interest in a position with your company. On the personal side, Name is personable, one in whose company it is comfortable to be. He would be an asset to the company in any capacity. I am certain that he would be a worthy addition to your staff. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Examples Of A Child Custody Character Reference Letter