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Reference Letter Samples

The information contained in a letter of recommendation depends on the type of letter and its intended audience. Information is often different for a letter written for an academic admissions board than one written for a prospective employer.

When writing a description of any kind it is important that the letter looks organized and attractive on the page. There are several different ways that you could format you letter, depending on which type of reference you are writing or which style you prefer.

Below are some tips to think about when preparing a reference letter.

* So you are now ready to write a letter of recommendation. Here are a few helpful tips that you need to know to ensure a positive and successful experience:

* Below are some tips to think about when preparing a reference letter.
* Recommendation Letter Tips

* Recommendation Letter Tips

* Recommendation Letter Tips

Sample Reference Letter

I am pleased to recommend Name for a position in your company.

Name is active in various student organizations. She works very well with others probably because she is a sincere and honest person. She is enthusiastic and hard working and is very much respected by the faculty and students alike. She is a mature person who takes her responsibilities seriously.

She has also been my riding student, and assisted me with the many tasks required to run a thorough bred breeding facility. She has spent several summers working on the farm, as well as time during school vacations, after school, and weekends.

Name has shown her commitment to the town as a Member of the Board of Appeals, and as an active participant in many community endeavors.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Name. If her performance in my class is any indication of how she'd perform in your position, Name will be a positive addition to your organization.

If you should ever need any additional information you can feel free to contact me at Number or by email at


Your Name

Reference Letter Samples